For the USA only.

We Are Looking For "Coffee Lovers"!
Our goal is to offer you an excellent coffee, as fresh as possible!
We offer 3 kinds; SuperCaf, MediumCaf and DeCaf.

This is NOT instant coffee!

Our coffee is roasted and ground daily and then
shipped fresh to you packaged in 10 to 12 cup packs.

If you want FREE coffee then share this opportunity with others!

To Get Free Coffee:
Every time someone responds to a post card or ad and sends in the $10 
to try the coffee samples you are paid $5.00. After trying the coffee 
some of these people will become members and you will start getting 
paid on their monthly orders and recruiting efforts.

Starting the second month you are paid as follows:
Level 1=$2.00 Level 2=$2.50 Level 3=$3.00 Level 4=$2.00 Level 5=$2.00

Our matrix is an expandable 3x2 forced placement.
That means your first 3 recruits go on your first level and
the next 9 go on your second level. These can be recruited by you or
by your upline or downline! When your level 2 is full you expand wide
and start another 3x2 matrix with unlimited expansion growth.

So, how do you get started?
Currently you can only join through the US mail.

Click here to see our marketing postcard

If you print out the postcard you will see that you can send in $10 and get
2 sample packs of coffee plus free postcards and leads with NO obligation.
This way you can try the coffee, see the materials and make your decision!
Write your full name and address on the postcard and mail it along with $10 cash.

If you prefer you can pay me the $10 via Paypal and I will send in the postcard for you.
After you make the Paypal transaction, click the link and send me an email with your
full name and address and what kind of coffee you want to receive.

Once you receive your sample package
you will be able to buy the coffee, postcards and leads using your credit card.
You will be able to phone or fax your order in to the company!

I have seen the coffee programs with little instant packages and coffee
with mushrooms that give you different benefits. Myse
lf I just like coffee!
This coffee is some of the
BEST I have ever had. 

You can find out today for only 10 dollars!

Click Here For Paypal

  After Paypal, tell me where to send your coffee!

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